Our Focus
Preserving and Educating the Public About Gold Rush History Near Cripple Creek & Victor, Colorado.

The STCFG works with Newmont Cripple Creek & Victor mining and other private land owners to develop positive solutions to historic preservation, recreation, education and post-mining land use.
Visit Newmont.com for more information about Newmont CC&V .

More Hiking Trails in the Area

The Pike National Forest  and Bureau of Land Management  offer additional hiking options includiing:
The Crags
Beaver Creek Wilderness

Cripple Creek Parks & Recreation :
Mountain View Adventure Park - 1.7 mile loop trail.

Mueller State Park

Ring the Peak

Shelf Road

Skagway Reservoir east of Victor offers a gradual trail that gets more hilly. The trail follows the lake's edge. Take Phantom Canyon Road east of Victor to the first fork in the road and turn left; drive to the reservoir. The trail starts to the north of the parking area. Drive east of town and take the Phantom Canyon Road about one mile and turn left at the sign for Skagway.

Beaver Creek - Starting at the dam at Skagway Reservoir, the trail leads down the canyon. This trail is not for the occasional hiker as the return ascent is strenuous.