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Our Focus
Preserving and Educating the Public About Gold Rush History Near Cripple Creek & Victor, Colorado.

The STCFG works with Newmont Cripple Creek & Victor mining and other private land owners to develop positive solutions to historic preservation, recreation, education and post-mining land use.
Visit Newmont.com for more information about Newmont CC&V .

The STCFG Mission

What Is The Southern Teller County Focus Group?

The Southern Teller County Focus Group is a Colorado 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization with these purposes:

   a) To develop and promote educational and recreational opportunities in Southern Teller County.
   b) To promote historic preservation in Southern Teller County.
   c) To assist mining entities in Southern Teller County with planning ideas and options for post-mining reclamation options.
   d) To foster open communications, to measure public sentiment, and help develop consensus on community      development in Southern Teller County.
   e) To promote the creation, expansion and fund and perform maintenance of walking trails, mountain biking trails  and horseback trails in Southern Teller County.
   f) To encourage and promote historic, present, and future mining education and naturalist education in Southern  Teller County.When we began our efforts in 1997, we conducted a county-wide survey with the assistance of the Pikes Peak Regional Council of Governments to determine how the residents felt about the mine, and what projects they felt were important for us to undertake. Those priorities identified in the survey are included in our mission statement.

Since all of our efforts are volunteer-based, every dollar from fundraisers and donations made to the STCFG goes directly to projects and programs. Expenses over the course of a year include directors and officers liability insurance, general liability insurance for trail use, replacing split rail fence along trails, maintaining trail surfaces, replacing and adding interpretive signs, printing and distributing trail maps, trail brochures, and walking tour brochures, maintaining generators, additional trail signs and construction materials, labor to repair and replace roofing and other parts of historic mine buildings, electricity costs at the amphitheater site, and event expenses such as vendor fees, insurance, and promotions.

The STCFG has to date researched land ownership, negotiated with owners, and provided for the construction of the Trails of Gold, which began in 1998 and now includes 10 hiking and biking trails. We continue to work on expanding the trail system as part of our mission to preserve history, educate about mining, and provide outdoor recreation. We also interpret several historic sites, including the Gold Coin Mine, Independence Mill Site and Stratton Outdoor Amphitheater, and equipment displays at the Little Grouse and Gold Camp trailheads. We also provided research for interpretive signs and promotion of the American Eagles Scenic Overlook and marketed that as a major attraction for southern Teller County.

The group raised funds through the State Historic Fund grant program and local entities and facilitated the installation of nearly 90 interpretive signs, GPS trailhead signs, and several memorial benches along the trails. These projects are designed to enhance heritage tourism and enhance economic development and retail in the downtown.

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